The International Children’s Memorial Place was incorporated in 1999. Bill and Myra MacLean’s son, Trevor, died in 1995. Understanding the healing power of nature, Bill set out to transform a former provincial park into a place where parents and families who have lost a child can visit and reflect on their loss.

The site is over 12 acres in size and is located in the center of PEI. Historically the area has been known for its beauty, hydro power generation, fishing and canoeing/kayaking. In its entirety the site is comprised of a 26 acre pond, dam, fish ladder, and a very serene walking trail which parallels the Dunk River.

In April 2009 the dam was breached due to heavier than normal spring run-off. With the assistance of government agencies, volunteers and fundraising, Scales Pond has now been restored to its former size and beauty.


The School House was donated to ICMP by The Freetown Sewing Club in 2006 and moved to the present site from the corner of the Nodd Road and the Scales Pond Road.

The sewing club continues to use the building for their meetings; as does local 4H clubs

It is available for general use by the public.

What's Happening at ICMP

Check out our Events page to keep up with what is going on at ICMP. 


The David Rogers house, once called "Kenlith" was built in 1870. In 1841 George Wright operated a saw & grist mill on the banks of the Dunk River. After he died, at the age of 46, his wife sold the property to David and Martha Maria Rogers. In 1908 John and Bertram Stetson bought the house, land and buildings. John farmed the property with his wife Eva Leckie Davison. On April 19th, 1947 her son Clarence Davison (aged 15) and Ivan Taylor (aged 19) tragically drowned in the pond. They are remembered on a plaque erected near the house. The Rogers House, as it is known now incorporates ICMP's office and boardroom. It also serves as a greeting center, has research facilities and a counseling services area. Two wheel-chair accessible washrooms are available.

Trail of Rememberance

As you walk the Trail of Reflection, bring forth memories of your life and memories of those you love. Come back here regularly for new thoughts to ponder!


ICMP makes a wonderful backdrop to your next Event

Weddings, Funerals, Community and Corporate Events, Family Picnics etc.

The International Children’s Memorial Place is working to develop the Scales Pond site into a diversified area with appeal to a large cross section of the general public. The successful operation of the ICMP relies solely on the generosity of those who use and appreciate this special place


If you would like information about the International Childrens' Memorial Place
or if you have suffered the loss of a child we invite you to contact us.